To list usage parameter status, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Note To see which usage parameters management clients are receiving through notifications, you can list usage parameter status.
Note When using the pool clustering mode, like all configuration state, whether usage notifications are enabled or disabled is configured separately for each pool cluster node.

Console command: listusagenotificationsenabled


listusagenotificationsenabled <type> <notif-source> [upi-type]
    List the usage notification manager flags for the specified notification source.
     The usage parameters interface type is optional and if not specified the flags
    for the root usage parameters interface type are returned


$ ./rhino-console listusagenotificationsenabled sbb \
    "service=ServiceID[name=VPN Service,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2],sbb=SbbID[name=VPN SBB,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2]"
parameter-name       notifications-enabled
-------------------  ----------------------
       callAttempts                    true
  missingParameters                   false
        offNetCalls                   false
         onNetCalls                   false
   unknownShortCode                   false
 unknownSubscribers                   false
6 rows

MBean operation: get<usage-parameter-name>NotificationsEnabled



public boolean get<usage-parameter-name>NotificationsEnabled()
        throws ManagementException;


  • return — a flag to indicate whether notifications are enabled or disabled for this usage parameter.

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Rhino Version 3.2