To print the contents of a snapshot directory or zip file, run the snapshot-decode script.


$ ~/rhino/client/bin/snapshot-decode
Syntax: snapshot-decode <snapshot .zip | snapshot directory> [max# of records to print, default=all]


$ ~/rhino/client/bin/snapshot-decode snapshots-backup/ActivityTestConfigurationTable


The snapshot-decode command outputs the contents of a single profile table saved in a single profile snapshot, as rows of comma-separated lists.

If you exported all profile tables (by passing the --all flag to rhino-snapshot), to view the complete set of snapshots, run snapshot-decode against each subdirectory of the output. For example, if you ran this command to create the set of profile snapshots:

~/rhino/client/bin/rhino-snapshot -h localhost --outputdir snapshots-backup --all

…​then you would run commands such as the following to inspect all the tables:

~/rhino/client/bin/snapshot-decode snapshots-backup/ActivityTestConfigurationTable

~/rhino/client/bin/snapshot-decode snapshots-backup/AnnouncementProfileTable
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Rhino Version 3.2