deletescattercastendpoints removes endpoints for shut-down nodes.

A node’s endpoint cannot be deleted while in use. This means that the node must be shut down and have left the cluster before a delete can be issued.

A node that has been deleted cannot rejoin the cluster unless it is re-added, and the new scattercast endpoints file copied over. Copying an older scattercast endpoints file will not work, as the cluster uses versioning to protect against out-of-sync endpoints files.


deletescattercastendpoints <-nodes node1,node2,...>
    Delete scattercast endpoints for cluster members being removed.


Delete a shut-down node:

[Rhino@localhost (#3)] deletescattercastendpoints -nodes 104
Endpoints deleted successfully, removed nodes shut down.
New scattercast endpoints mappings:
NodeID   Address
-------  --------------------
3 rows

Delete a running node:

[Rhino@localhost (#9)] deletescattercastendpoints -nodes 101
Failed to delete scattercast endpoints due to: Node: 101 currently running. Please shutdown nodes before deleting.
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Rhino Version 3.2