A Rhino management sub task for adding bindings to a service.

Ant Parameters
Attribute Description Required


Flag to control failure behaviour. If 'true', the sub task will throw a BuildException when an error is encountered. If 'false', the sub task will throw a NonFatalBuildException instead of a BuildException under specific circumstances. See below for conditions (if any) which will cause a NonFatalBuildException.

No. default value is taken from the Rhino management parent task.

Parameters available as nested elements
Element Description Required


Identifies the service component. See com.opencloud.slee.mlet.ant.SleeComponentElement



Identifies a binding descriptor component. See com.opencloud.slee.mlet.ant.SleeComponentElement

Yes. May be repeated as many times as needed to add multiple bindings.


Specifies a mapping for a copied component. If the source component identifier equals a component that will be copied as a result of the binding, then the copied component will have the identity given by the the target identifier, rather than a default value generated by the SLEE. See ComponentMappingElement

Yes. May be repeated as many times as needed to add multiple mappings.

NonFatalBuildException throw conditions
  • The task is run targeting a binding descriptor that has already been added to the service.

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Rhino Version 3.2