To import SLEE profiles, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: importprofiles

Tip Use the importprofiles command to import profile data from an xml file that has previously been created (for example, using the exportall command).


importprofiles <filename.xml> [-table table-name] [-replace] [-max
profiles-per-transaction] [-noverify]
    Import profiles from xml data


$ ./rhino-console exportall /home/userXY/myexport
./rhino-console importprofiles /home/userXY/myexport/profiles/testtable.xml
Importing profiles into profile table: testtable
2 profile(s) processed: 1 created, 0 replaced, 0 removed, 1 skipped


Referenced profile table must exist

For the profile import to run successfully, the profile table the xml data refers to must exist before invoking the importprofiles command. (The importprofiles command will not create the profile table if it does not exist. Instead it will complete successfully — but without importing anything.)

MBean operation: importProfiles


Rhino extension importProfiles( profileData)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedProfileTableNameException,
          InvalidArgumentException, ProfileAlreadyExistsException,
          UnrecognizedProfileNameException, ManagementException;


This operation requires that you specify the profile table’s:

  • profileData — the profile data collection containing the exported profiles.

Importing the default profile

To import the default profile, include a profile with a null name in the profile data collection.

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Rhino Version 3.2