To retrieve all profiles match a static query (pre-defined in a profile table’s profile specification schema), use the following MBean operation.

Note The Rhino SLEE does not use a rhino-console command for this function.

MBean operation: getProfilesByStaticQuery



public Collection getProfilesByStaticQuery(String profileTableName, String queryName, Object[] parameters)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedProfileTableNameException,
          UnrecognizedQueryNameException, InvalidArgumentException,
          AttributeTypeMismatchException, ManagementException;


This operation requires that you specify the:

  • profileTableName — name of the profile table

  • queryName — name of a static query defined in the profile table’s profile specification deployment descriptor

  • parameters — an array of parameter values, to apply to parameters in the query (may only be null if the static query takes no arguments).

Tip For more about static query methods, please see chapter 10.8.2 "Static query methods" in the SLEE 1.1 specification.
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Rhino Version 3.2