To get detailed information about an SBB entity, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: getsbbinfo


getsbbinfo <serviceid> <sbbid> [-non-resident] <sbb pkeys>*
    Get SBB information.  Use -non-resident to get information on SBB entities not
    currently owned by any cluster node.


To display information for SBB entity 102:219902028482559/499417899 of the SimpleSbb SBB in the SimpleService service:

$ ./rhino-console getsbbinfo name=SimpleService,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.1 name=SimpleSbb,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.1 102:219902028482559/499417899
parent-pkey          :
pkey                 : 102:219902028482559/499417899
convergence-name     : APK[ns=,ah=10,id=102:219902022645761,replication=NONE]:::::-1
creating-node-id     : 102
creation-time        : 20180614 21:23:16
namespace            :
owning-node-id       : 102
priority             : 10
replicated           : false
sbb-component-id     : SbbID[name=SimpleSbb,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.1]
service-component-id : ServiceID[name=SimpleService,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.1]
attached-activities  :
       > pkey                      handle                                              namespace   ra-entity   replicated
       > ------------------------  --------------------------------------------------  ----------  ----------  -----------
       > A.102:219902022645761.0    SAH[switchID=1528911304,connectionID=10,address=]                  simple        false
       > 1 rows

This command returns a snapshot of the SBB entity’s state at the time you execute it. Some values (such as pkey, parent-pkey, convergence-name, creating-node-id, creation-time, namespace, replicated, sbb-component-id and service-component-id) are fixed for the lifetime of the SBB entity. Others change as the SBB entity processes events.

The default mode of this command only retrieves information for SBB entities currently owned by at least one active cluster node. If an SBB entity is non-resident, then the -non-resident option must be used to obtain information for that SBB entity’s state.

Tip See SBB Entity Information Fields for a description of the fields getsbbinfo returns.

MBean operation: getSbbInfo


Rhino operation

public CompositeData getSbbInfo(ServiceID serviceID, SbbID sbbID, String sbbPKey, boolean nonResident)
    throws UnrecognizedServiceException, UnrecognizedSbbException, InvalidPKeyException,
           UnknownSbbEntityException, ManagementException;

This operation returns tabular data with detailed information on the given SBB entity.

Note For a description of the format of the tabular data that this operation returns, see the javadoc.
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Rhino Version 3.2