To find the resource adaptor entity link name bindings needed for a service, and list the service’s SBBs, use the following rhino-console commands or related MBean operations.

Console commands


listserviceralinks service-id
    List resource adaptor entity links required by a service


To list the resource adaptor entity links that the JCC VPN service needs:

$ ./rhino-console listserviceralinks "name=JCC 1.1 VPN,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0"
In service ServiceID[name=JCC 1.1 VPN,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0]:
    SBB SbbID[name=AnytimeInterrogation sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0] requires entity link bindings: slee/resources/map
    SBB SbbID[name=JCC 1.1 VPN sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0] requires entity link bindings: slee/resources/cdr



listsbbs [service-id]
    List the current installed SBBs.  If a service identifier is specified only the
    SBBs in the given service are listed


To list the SBBs in the JCC VPN service:

$ ./rhino-console listsbbs "name=JCC 1.1 VPN,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0"
SbbID[name=AnytimeInterrogation sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0]
SbbID[name=JCC 1.1 VPN sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0]
SbbID[name=Proxy route sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0]

MBean operations: getServices, getSbbs, and getDescriptors



Get all services in the SLEE
public ServiceID[] getServices()
    throws ManagementException;

getServices returns an array containing the component identifiers of all services installed in the SLEE.

Get all SBBs in a service
public SbbID[] getSbbs(ServiceID service)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedServiceException,

getSbbs returns an array containing the component identifiers of all SBBs included in the given service.

Get the component descriptor for a component
public ComponentDescriptor[] getDescriptors(ComponentID[] ids)
    throws NullPointerException, ManagementException;

getDescriptors returns the component descriptor for each given component.

Getting entity link information for an SBB

To find the entity link names for an individual SBB, you can:

  • cast a ComponentDescriptor object for the SBB to an SbbDescriptor

  • retrieve an array of entity link names required by the SBB (from the SbbDescriptor), using the getResourceAdaptorEntityLinks operation. The array will be zero-length if the SBB does not require any entity link bindings.

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Rhino Version 3.2