To retrieve all profiles match a dynamic query (an expression the administrator constructs at runtime) , use the following MBean operation.

Note The Rhino SLEE does not use a rhino-console command for this function.

MBean operation: getProfilesByDynamicQuery



public Collection getProfilesByDynamicQuery(String profileTableName, QueryExpression expr)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedProfileTableNameException,
        UnrecognizedAttributeException, AttributeTypeMismatchException,


This operation requires that you specify the:

  • profileTableName — name of the profile table

  • expr — query expression to apply to profiles in the profile table.

Tip For more about dynamic query methods, please see chapter 10.20.3 "Dynamic Profile queries" in the SLEE 1.1 specification.
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Rhino Version 3.2