The Rhino Element Manager (REM) is a web-based console for monitoring, configuring, and managing a Rhino SLEE. REM provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for many of the management features documented in the Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide.

You can use REM to:

  • monitor a Rhino element (cluster nodes, activities, events, SBBs, alarms, resource adaptor entities, services, trace notifications, statistics, logs)

  • manage a Rhino element (SLEE state, alarms, deployment, profiles, resources), instances available in REM, and REM users

  • configure threshold rules, rate limiters, licenses, logging, and object pools

  • inspect activities, SBBs, timers, transactions, and threads

  • scan key information about multiple Rhino elements on a single screen.

Tip For details, please see the Rhino Element Manager documentation.
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Rhino Version 3.2