To export MIBs, use the exportmibs Rhino management console command.


Management Information Base (MIB) files contain descriptions of the OID hierarchy that SNMP uses to interact with statistics and notifications.



exportmibs <dir> [-maxpathlen <len>]
    Exports current SNMP statistics configuration as MIB files to the specified
    directory. The -maxpathlen option can be used to limit the maximum path name
    lengths of MIB files generated as some SNMP tools like snmpwalk can fail to read
    files with very long paths. The default maximum path length is 300.
Note The exported MIB files represent the current configuration of Rhino’s statistic parameter sets. They may change when components (such as services) are deployed or undeployed.

SNMP management clients usually provide a tool for using or importing the information from MIBs.


[Rhino@localhost (#1)] exportmibs mibs
Writing MIB exports to: /home/user/rhino/client/bin/mibs
40 MIBs exported.
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Rhino Version 3.2