To get the active namespace for a client connection, use the following rhino-console information and related MBean operation.


Command prompt information

The currently active namespace is reported in the command prompt within square brackets.

If no namespace is reported, then the default namespace is active.


$ ./rhino-console
Interactive Rhino Management Shell
Rhino management console, enter 'help' for a list of commands
[Rhino@localhost (#0)] setactivenamespace testnamespace
The active namespace is now testnamespace
[Rhino@localhost [testnamespace] (#1)] setactivenamespace -default
The active namespace is now the default namespace
[Rhino@localhost (#2)]

MBean operation: getActiveNamespace


Rhino extension

public String getActiveNamespace()
  throws NoAuthenticatedSubjectException, ManagementException;

This operation returns the name of the namespace currently active for the client connection.

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Rhino Version 3.2