To import configuration, use the following rhino-console command or associated MBean operation providing a configuration bundle. After importing a configuration bundle it is useful to wait for convergence before directing traffic to the system.

The status document returned by the MBean operation can be saved to disk by providing the -o <output file> option to the console command. The format of this document is described at Declarative Config Import Result Schema.

Console command: importdeclarativeconfig


importdeclarativeconfig <zip|directory> [-dryrun] [-o resultfile.json] [-v]
    Import a declarative configuration bundle into the SLEE.  Source may be either a
    config bundle zip file or a path to a directory containing an unzipped config
    bundle. Specifying -o will output the resulting import status json to a file
    instead of the console. Specifying -v will include verbose elements such as
    stacktraces in the console output. Specifying a reconfiguration action other
    than the default of "doNotDeactivate" will change how resource adaptor entities
    that do not support active reconfiguration are managed during this import.


To import the configuration bundle

$ ./rhino-console importdeclarativeconfig
Importing configuration...

 Status: Success

Import result reported success; all changes have been applied.

MBean operation: importConfiguration


Rhino operation

public String importConfiguration(byte[] configBundle, ImportOptions options)
    throws NullPointerException, MalformedConfigBundleException,

This operation:

  • validates and imports the configuration provided in the configBundle argument

  • initiates a convergence check in all namespaces affected by the imported configuration

  • returns a status document containing the overall status of the import operation (Success or Failure) and detailed results describing the validation errors found or state changes that resulted from the import.

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Rhino Version 3.2