A Rhino management sub task for creating a persistence instance that can be used by a database resource.

Ant Parameters
Attribute Description Required


Name of the persistence instance to create. This name must be unique.


Type of the persistence instance to create, eg. 'jdbc' or 'cassandra'.

No. Defaults to 'jdbc'.


Fully-qualified class name the the datasource class to be used by the persistence instance.

Only if 'type' is 'jdbc'.


Parameters available as nested elements
Element Description Required


Identifies a configuration property of the datasource class. See com.opencloud.slee.mlet.ant.ConfigPropertyElement. Note that the {@code type} property of {@code ConfigPropertyElement} is mandatory for this task.

One {@code ConfigPropertyElement} must be specified per config property.

NonFatalBuildException throw conditions
  • This task will throw a NonFatalBuildException if a persistence instance with the same name already exists.

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Rhino Version 3.2