To clear an alarm using its alarm identifier, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Note When using the pool clustering mode, it is only possible to clear alarms raised on the same node that the management operation is invoked on.

Console command: clearalarm console command


clearalarm <alarmid>
    Clear the specified alarm.


To clear the alarm with the identifier 101:102916243593:1:

$ ./rhino-console clearalarm 101:102916243593:1
Alarm 101:102916243593:1 cleared

MBean operation: clearAlarm



public boolean clearAlarm(String alarmID)
  throws NullPointerException, ManagementException;

Rhino’s implementation of the SLEE-defined clearAlarm operation clears the alarm with the given identifier, regardless of the cluster node the alarm was raised on. It returns a value of either true or false, depending on whether or not the SLEE found and cleared the alarm.

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Rhino Version 3.2