A Rhino management sub task that allows its own subtasks to be executed in the context of a single client-demarcated transaction.

This task starts a user transaction then executes the nested subtasks. If all the subtasks complete successfully, the user transaction is committed. If any tasks fails with a fatal BuildException, or fails with a NonFatalBuildException but its failonerror flag is set to true, the user transaction is rolled back.

The following sub task elements can be provided in any number and in any order. The User Transaction task will execute these sub tasks in the specified order until a sub task fails by throwing a org.apache.tools.ant.BuildException which will be re-thrown to Ant with some contextual information regarding the sub task that caused it.

Sub-tasks specifiable as nested elements


Create Profiles inside tables.


Remove a Profile from a table.


Modify profile attributes.


Import profile XML data.

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Rhino Version 3.2