A Rhino management sub task for importing configuration items.

Ant Parameters
Attribute Description Required


Source file containing configuration to be imported.



The configuration type to import.



Flag indicating if the configuration should be imported into the global environment (false) or the current namespace (true).

No. If not specified then the task will attempt to determine the appropriate target for import based on the configuration type and the content being imported.


Flag indicating if the update of existing configuration keys is allowed during the import. Must be true if the configuration being imported is expected to replace any existing configuration. If this flag is false and the configuration being imported contains configuration keys that are already present in Rhino, the import will fail with an exception.

No. Defaults to true.


Flag to control failure behaviour. If true, the sub task will throw a BuildException when an error is encountered. If false, the sub task will throw a NonFatalBuildException instead of a BuildException under specific circumstances. See below for conditions (if any) which will cause a NonFatalBuildException.

No. Default value is taken from the Rhino management parent task.

NonFatalBuildException throw conditions
  • This task will never throw a NonFatalBuildException. It will always fail (throw a BuildException) on errors.

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Rhino Version 3.2