To display the connection pool configuration for a JDBC resource, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: dumpjdbcresourceconnectionpoolconfig


dumpjdbcresourceconnectionpoolconfig <name>.
    Dump the connection pool configuration of a JDBC resource.


$ ./rhino-console dumpjdbcresourceconnectionpoolconfig myresource
connection-pool-timeout : 5000
idle-check-interval     : 30
max-connections         : 2147483647
max-idle-connections    : 2147483647
max-idle-time           : 0
min-connections         : 0

MBean operations:



Rhino operation

public ObjectName getJdbcResourceConnectionPoolConfigMBean(String jndiName)
    throws NullPointerException, NameNotFoundException,
      InvalidStateException, ConfigurationException;

This method returns the JMX ObjectName of a JDBC Resource Connection Pool Management MBean, which can be used to manage the connection pool configuration parameters.

JDBC Resource Connection Pool Management


Rhino operations

public int getMaxConnections()
    throws ConfigurationException;

public int getMinConnections()
    throws ConfigurationException;

public int getMaxIdleConnections()
    throws ConfigurationException;

public int getMaxIdleTime()
    throws ConfigurationException;

public int getIdleCheckInterval()
    throws ConfigurationException;

public long getConnectionPoolTimeout()
    throws ConfigurationException;

These methods return the current value of the corresponding connection pool configuration parameter.

public CompositeData getConfiguration()
    throws ConfigurationException;

This operation returns a JMX CompositeData object that contains the current configuration parameters for the connection pool configuration. The javadoc for this operation describes the format of this data.

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Rhino Version 3.2