A component fails to activate because of a configuration fault


If a component has a valid but incorrect configuration it may fail to activate. In the case of a service, Rhino will raise an alarm. Resource adaptors are responsible for raising their own alarms.


Fix the configuration problem and import the new configuration bundle. You can do this by editing the complete configuration previously imported or creating a new partial configuration bundle.

A component fails to start because it is not licensed


Some components, such as Sentinel VoLTE and the Service Interaction SLEE, require additional license functions to operate. If unlicensed they will fail to activate.


Install a license that allows the required functions. Rhino will try to activate any components that have a desired state of active and require the newly licensed functions.

Convergence times out


The state of a component does not converge due to factors inside the SLEE. Typically, this will occur when there are still active calls and SBBs or Activities remain live longer than the convergence timeout period. Rhino raises a convergence-timeout alarm and continues waiting for the component to transition to the next desired state.

2020-08-20 14:37:46.8651200 Minor [rhino.facility.alarm.manager] <ConvergenceExecutor-0> {ns=test} Alarm 101:255170210055681 [SubsystemNotification[subsystem=Convergence],rhino.state.convergence-timeout,ConvergenceTask[, namespace='test', component=ResourceAdaptorEntityPKey[test:activity-test-ra], desiredState=non_existent]] was raised at 2020-08-20 14:37:46.865 to level Minor

        State convergence timed out for "ResourceAdaptorEntityPKey[test:activity-test-ra]".
The component remains in the "stopping" state.
Convergence will be retried periodically until it reaches the desired state.

Wait for calls to drain or identify the entity that is preventing the component state transition and remove it. The Rhino console commands findactivities, findsbbs and findtimers will list the entities that are preventing a resource adaptor entity or service from stopping. The commands removeactivity, removeallactivities, removesbb, removeallsbbs and canceltimer will remove these entities. You can also use the Rhino Element Manager to manage the live entities in the system.

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Rhino Version 3.2