To create a resource adaptor entity use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: createrantity


createraentity <resource-adaptor-id> <entity-name>
[<config-params>|(<property-name> <property-value)*]
    Create a resource adaptor entity with the given name.  Optionally configuration
    properties can be specified, either as a single comma-separated string of
    name=value pairs, or as a series of separate name and value argument pairs


To create an instance of the Metaswitch SIP resource adaptor, called sipra, with the following configuration property values replacing the defaults (if any) for the IPAddress (, Port (5160) and SecurePort (5161) :

$ ./rhino-console createraentity name=OCSIP,vendor=OpenCloud,version=2.1 sipra \
Created resource adaptor entity sipra


Entering configuration properties

When creating a resource adaptor entity, determine its configuration properties and then enter them in rhino-console as a comma-separated list of property-name=value pairs.

White space, commas, quotes

If a configuration-property value contains white space or a comma, you must quote the value. For example:

$ ./rhino-console createraentity name=MyRA,vendor=Me,version=1.0 myra Value="The quick brown fox",Colour=brown

If the value requires quotes, you must escape them using a backslash ``' (to avoid them being removed by the parser). For example:

$ ./rhino-console createraentity name=MyRA,vendor=Me,version=1.0 myra Value="\"The quick brown fox\"",Colour=brown

MBean operation: createResourceAdaptorEntity



public void createResourceAdaptorEntity(ResourceAdaptorID id, String entityName, ConfigProperties properties)
    throws NullPointerException, InvalidArgumentException,
          InvalidConfigurationException, ManagementException;


This operation requires that you specify the resource adaptor entity’s:

  • ResourceAdaptorID — identifier of the resource adaptor from which to create the resource adaptor entity

  • entityName — an assigned name

  • ConfigProperties — configuration properties.

Note You only need to specify configuration properties that have no defined default, or have a default other than what the resource adaptor entity requires. (Rhino uses the default value if it is not specified within the properties argument.)

Rhino-defined configuration property

When creating a resource adaptor entity, you may specify the Rhino-defined configuration property: slee-vendor:com.opencloud.rhino_replicate_activities. This property describes the resource adaptor entity’s activity-replication behaviour (assuming it has been specifically designed to support activity-state replication in Rhino). Possible values are:

  • none — the resource adaptor entity will not generate replicated activities

  • mixed — the resource adaptor entity will generate a mix of replicated and non-replicated activities

  • all — all activities generated by the resource adaptor entity will be replicated.

The default value is none. (You can specify an alternative default by defining a configuration property in the deployment descriptor with this name but with a different default value.)

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Rhino Version 3.2