Not to be confused with persistence resources, persisting resources are inbuilt Rhino resources or subsystems that persist state to an external database to facilitate information exchange with other Rhino nodes.

Rhino currently implements three different persisting resources:

  • a key/value store, which handles application state for external replication purposes

  • a session ownership store, which provides an API to manage application session ownership

  • a pool maintenance subsystem, which handles cluster membership and node metadata information when using the pool clustering mode.

Not all persisting resources may be available in a given Rhino deployment. Which persisting resources are available depends on which have been configured for use in the deployment.

This section includes instructions for performing the following Rhino SLEE procedures with explanations, examples and links to related javadocs:

Procedure rhino-console command(s) MBean(s) → Operation



Persisting Resource → getDataDefinitions


Persisting Resource → dumpTable

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Rhino Version 3.2