The Rhino SLEE requires the use of an external database for persistence of management and profile data. Rhino can also provide SLEE applications with access to an external database for persistence of their own data.

Rhino can connect to any external database which has support for JDBC 2.0 and JDBC 2.0’s standard extensions. The JDBC API is the industry standard for database-independent connectivity between the Java programming language and a wide range of databases. The JDBC API provides a call-level API for SQL-based database access. JDBC technology lets you use the Java programming language to exploit "Write Once, Run Anywhere" capabilities for applications that require access to enterprise data. For more information, please see

Rhino also provides support for connections to external Apache Cassandra 2.1+ databases using the DataStax Java Driver.

External database integration is managed in Rhino using the following configurable entities:

Configurable entity What it does

Persistence instance

Defines the parameters Rhino needs to be able to connect to an external database using the database vendor’s database driver code.

Persistence resource

Links a Rhino in-memory database with one or more persistence instances.

JDBC resource

Provides a SLEE application with access to a persistence instance.

Persisting resource

A Rhino internal resource or subsystem that persists state to an external database.

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