To enable rate limiter ramp-up, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: enablerampup


enablerampup [-limiter <limitername>] <startrate> <rateincrement>
    Enables rampup of a limiter's rate with the provided startrate, rateincrement,
    and eventsperincrement.  If no limiter name is given then the SystemInput
    limiter is updated.


To enable SystemInput limiter ramp-up:

$ ./rhino-console enablerampup 10 10 1000
Enabled rampup of the SystemInput limiter rate with config properties:
startrate=10.0 events per time unit
rateincrement=10.0 events per time unit
Tip: the ramp up will only be effective when the SystemInput limiter is not bypassed.

To enable ramp-up on a rate limiter named "From MSC":

$ ./rhino-console -limiter "From MSC" enablerampup 5 5 800
Enabled rampup of the From MSC limiter rate with config properties:
startrate=5.0% of maximum rate
rateincrement=5.0% of maximum rate
Tip: the ramp up will only be effective when the From MSC limiter is not bypassed.

MBean operation: enableRampUp


Rhino operation

void enableRampUp(double startRate, double rateIncrement, int eventsPerIncrement)
        throws ConfigurationException;
Warning The rate limiter’s bypassed flag must be false for ramp-up to have any effect.
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Rhino Version 3.2