The generate-system-report script generates a tarball of useful system information for the Metaswitch support team. Below is an example of its output:

$ ./

This script generates a report tarball which can be useful when remotely
diagnosing problems with this installation.

The created tarball contains information on the current Rhino installation
(config files, license details), as well as various system settings (operating
system, program versions, and network settings).

It is recommended that you include the generated 'report.tar' file when
contacting Open Cloud for support.

Generating report using /home/user/rhino/node-101/work/report for temporary file

IMPORTANT: It is a good idea to run the script before this
script. Otherwise, important run-time configuration information will be missing
from the generated report.

Done. 'report.tar' generated.
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Rhino Version 3.2