To update configuration properties for a resource adaptor entity use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

When is it appropriate to update configuration properties?

A resource adaptor may elect to support reconfiguration when its resource adaptor entities are active using the supports-active-reconfiguration attribute of the <resource-adaptor-class> deployment descriptor element.

If the value of the supports-active-reconfiguration attribute is False, the updateraentityconfigproperties command and related MBean operation may only be invoked to reconfigure a resource adaptor entity when it is in the Inactive state, or when the SLEE is in the Stopped state.

If the value of the supports-active-reconfiguration attribute is True, then a resource adaptor entity may be reconfigured when it, and the SLEE, are in any state, i.e. reconfiguration is possible while the resource adaptor entity is creating activities and firing events in the SLEE.

Console command: updateraentityconfigproperties


updateraentityconfigproperties <entity-name> [<config-params>|(<property-name>
    Update configuration properties for a resource adaptor entity. Properties can be
    specified either as a single comma-separated string of name=value pairs or as a
    series of separate name and value argument pairs


To update the Port and SecurePort in resource adaptor entity called sipra:

$ ./rhino-console updateraentityconfigproperties sipra Port 5061 SecurePort 5062
Updated configuration parameters for resource adaptor entity sipra

MBean operation: updateConfigurationProperties



public void updateConfigurationProperties(String entityName, ConfigProperties properties)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedResourceAdaptorEntityException,
           InvalidStateException, InvalidConfigurationException,


This operation requires a ConfigProperties object. A ConfigProperties object contains a set of ConfigProperty.Property objects, each of which identifies one configuration property defined by the RA.

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Rhino Version 3.2