To view active alarms, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Note When using the pool clustering mode, it is only possible to view the alarms that have been raised on the node the management operation is invoked on. To view alarms raised on a different node, a management client needs to connect directly to that node.

Console command: listactivealarms


listactivealarms [<type> <notif-source>] [-stack]
    List the alarms currently active in the SLEE (for a specific notification if
    provided).  Use -stack to display stack traces for alarm cause exceptions.


To list all active alarms in the SLEE:

$ ./rhino-console listactivealarms
1 alarm:

Alarm 101:193215480667648 [diameter.peer.connectiondown]
  Level      : Warning
  InstanceID : diameter.peer.hss-instance
  Source     : (RA Entity) sh-cache-ra
  Timestamp  : 20161019 14:02:58 (active 15m 30s)
  Message    : Connection to hss-instance:3868 is down

The number value on the first line "101:193215480667648" is the alarmid.

The value in the square brackets "diameter.peer.connectiondown" is the alarm-type.

MBean operations: getAlarms and getDescriptors



Get identifiers of all active alarms in the SLEE
public String[] getAlarms()
    throws ManagementException;

Rhino’s implementation of the SLEE-defined getAlarms operation returns an array containing the identifiers of all alarms currently raised in the SLEE, regardless of which cluster node the alarm was raised on.

Get identifiers of active alarms raised by a specific notification source
public String[] getAlarms(NotificationSource notificationSource)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedNotificationSourceException,

This variant of getAlarms returns an array containing the identifiers of the current alarms that were raised by the specified notification source, on any node in the cluster. If there are currently no active alarms raised by this notification source, the operation returns a zero-length array.

Get alarm descriptor for an alarm identifier
public Alarm[] getDescriptors(String[] alarmIDs)
    throws NullPointerException, ManagementException;

This operation returns the alarm descriptor for each given alarm identifier.

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Rhino Version 3.2