dependency-graph is a command-line utility to show the dependencies between SLEE components in a running SLEE.

It can either list them to the console (useful with grep), or write a DOT file for use with Graphviz. To use it, call the dependency-graph script in the rhino/client/bin directory.


  • Rhino 2.1 or higher

  • Graphviz software:

  • Some SLEE services and RAs deployed in Rhino


Invoke with no arguments to view command-line options:

bin$ ./dependency-graph
Valid command line options are:
  -h <host>       - The hostname to connect to.
  -p <port>       - The port to connect to.
  -u <username>   - The user to authenticate as.
  -w <password>   - The password used for authentication.
  -D              - Display connection debugging messages.
Exactly one of the following two options:
  -c              - Write the dependencies to the console.
  -o <output>     - Draws the graph to the given output file in "DOT" format
Graph options only (when using -o option):
  -e              - Exclude events.
  -f              - Write full component IDs (including vendor and version).
  -g              - Group by deployable unit.
  -m              - Monochrome (turn colors off).

Exactly one of -c or -o should be specified.


Below are some example sessions against a RhinoSDK with the SIP examples installed. They illustrate how the level of detail can be controlled using the command-line flags.

With -e, -f, -g flags
$ cd rhino/client/bin
bin$ ./dependency-graph -o -e -f -g
Connecting to localhost:1199
Fetching dependency info from SLEE...
Processing dependencies...
Writing dependency graph in DOT format to
Finished generating file.

If you have graphviz installed, this command should generate a PNG image file:
    dot -Tpng -o
bin$ dot -Tpng -o SipExamples-EFG.png

This excludes events (-e), draws full component IDs (-f), and groups components by deployable unit (-g). It produces the image below (click to enlarge):

SipExamples EFG

Just -f and -g

This is the equivalent graph after dropping the (-e) flag so that events are included:

$ ./dependency-graph -o -f -g
$ dot -Tpng -o SipExamples-most-detail.png
SipExamples most detail
Note Events in the same event jar are drawn as a single unit.

Just -e

This is the equivalent graph with the least detail possible, using just the (-e) flag to exclude events:

$ ./dependency-graph -o -e
$ dot -Tpng -o SipExamples-least-detail.png
SipExamples least detail
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