What are profiles? profile tables? profile specifications?

A profile is an entry in a profile table. It has a name, may have values (called "attributes") and may have indexed fields. It’s like a row in SQL, but may also include business and management logic.

A profile table is a "container" for profiles. Its specification schema, the profile specification deployment descriptor, may define queries for the profile table. The SLEE specification defines the format and structure of profile specification schemas.

A profile table’s default profile is the initial set of profile attribute values for newly created profiles within that table (if not specified explicitly with the profile-creation command).

Before deploying a profile into the SLEE, an administrator can configure its profile specification. You do this by modifying values in the profile’s profile-spec-jar.xml deployment descriptor (in its deployable unit). For example, you can specify:

  • static queries available to SLEE components, and administrators using the management interface

  • profile specification environment entries

  • indexing hints for profile attributes.

Tip For more on profile static queries, environment entires and indexing, see the SLEE 1.1 specification.
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