To set SNMP system information, use the following rhino-console command.

Note Each Rhino SNMP agent exposes the standard SNMPv2-MIB system variables (sysName, sysDescr, sysLocation, and sysContact).



setsnmpdetails <name> <description> <location> <contact>
    Sets all SNMP text strings (name, description, location, contact).
Note The values provided will be used for all nodes in the cluster; no per-node configuration exists for these settings.
Tip If you need different settings for individual agents, use system property references, in the form: ${}. These substitute for their associated value, on a per-node basis.
Warning The ${node-id} property is synthetic and not a real system property — it will be replaced by the node ID of the Rhino node each agent is running in.
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Rhino Version 3.2