To view the current value of a usage parameter, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Note Whereas the MBean operation below can only get individual usage parameter values, the console command outputs current values of all usage parameters for a specified notification source.

Console command: dumpusagestats


dumpusagestats <type> <notif-source> [param-set-name] [reset]
    Dump the current values of the usage parameters for the specified notification
    source.  The usage parameter set name is optional and if not specified the
    values for the unnamed (or root) parameter set are returned.  If [reset] is
    specified, the values of the usage parameters are reset after being obtained


$ ./rhino-console  dumpusagestats sbb \
  "service=ServiceID[name=VPN Service,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2],sbb=SbbID[name=VPN SBB,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2]"
parameter-name       counter-value   sample-stats   type
-------------------  --------------  -------------  --------
       callAttempts               0                  counter
  missingParameters               0                  counter
        offNetCalls               0                  counter
         onNetCalls               0                  counter
   unknownShortCode               0                  counter
 unknownSubscribers               0                  counter
6 rows

MBean operation: get<usage-parameter-name>



Counter-type usage parameters
public long get<usage-parameter-name>(boolean reset)
        throws ManagementException;

Sample-type usage parameters
public SampleStatistics get<usage-parameter-name>(boolean reset)
        throws ManagementException;


This operation requires that you specify whether the values are to be reset after being read:

  • reset — boolean value to reset the usage parameter’s value after being read

Return value

Operations for counter-type usage parameters return the current value of the counter. Operations for sample-type usage parameters return a SampleStatistics object.

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Rhino Version 2.6.2