Below are instructions for logging into rhino-console on a local or remote machine.


To log into the command console on the same host:


Go to the $CLIENT_HOME directory.


Run $CLIENT_HOME/bin/rhino-console:

Interactive Rhino Management Shell
Rhino management console, enter 'help' for a list of commands
[Rhino@localhost (#0)]


To log into the command console on a remote machine:


On the remote Rhino machine, edit the security policy to allow connections from the machine where you want to build and deploy (by default only local connections are allowed).

To do this, edit the node’s $RHINO_HOME/config/config_variables file (which contains a list of IP addresses from which Rhino will accept management connections, including the current Rhino machine), adding the address of your build machine to the LOCALIPS variable. For example:

LOCALIPS=" <other-IP-address>"
Note You need to restart Rhino for this to take effect.


Copy $RHINO_BASE/client from the Rhino machine to your build machine.

Note The client directory contains SSL keys for communicating securely with Rhino (using RMI over SSL), so it must be copied from the Rhino instance you want to manage.


On the build machine, edit the client/etc/ file, changing the property to the address of the Rhino machine. For example:<Address-of-the-Rhino-Machine>

Now the client/bin/rhino-console script should work on the build machine.

Tip Alternatively, you can run the client/bin/rhino-console -h <Address-of-the-Rhino-Machine> -p 1199 script on the build machine.
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Rhino Version 2.6.2