In most circumstances, it will never be necessary to manually edit the external persistence configuration file. However, as the default Rhino install is configured to connect to a PostgreSQL database, one of the most likely reasons for needing to manually edit the file is if some other vendor’s database needs to be used, for example Oracle, as Rhino will not start if it doesn’t have an external database that it can connect to.

This section describes the format of the persistence configuration file.

Persistence configuration file location

The persistence configuration file can be found in ${RHINO_HOME}/config/persistence.xml. However this file only exists if the Rhino node has been started at least once. If the node has yet to be started, or if the persistence.xml file is deleted, then the persistence configuration is obtained from ${RHINO_HOME}/config/defaults.xml

Warning Every node in a Rhino cluster has the same persistence configuration. A Rhino node that boots and joins an existing cluster will obtain its persistence configuration from the other nodes in the cluster. The cluster configuration will be saved into the node’s ${RHINO_HOME}/config/persistence.xml file, potentially overwriting any local changes that may have been made to it.
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Rhino Version 2.6.2