A Rhino management sub task that configures and enables ramp up of limiter rate for the system input limiter.

Ant Parameters
Attribute Description Required


The initial number of events per second for the system input limiter (a double).



The incremental number of events per second added to the allowed rate if Rhino is successfully processing work (a double).



The number of events processed before Rhino will add rateincrement events to the allowed rate (an integer).



Flag to control failure behaviour. If 'true', the sub task will throw a BuildException when an error is encountered. If 'false', the sub task will throw a NonFatalBuildException instead of a BuildException under specific circumstances. See below for conditions (if any) which will cause a NonFatalBuildException.

No. default value is taken from the Rhino management parent task.

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Rhino Version 2.6.2