To gracefully shut down one or more nodes, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: shutdown


shutdown [-nodes node1,node2,...] [-timeout timeout] [-restart]
    Gracefully shutdown the SLEE (on the specified nodes). The optional timeout is
    specified in seconds. Optionally restart the node(s) after shutdown


To shut down the entire cluster:

$ ./rhino-console shutdown
Shutting down the SLEE
Shutdown successful

To shut down only node 102:

$ ./rhino-console shutdown -nodes 102
Shutting down node(s) [102]
Shutdown successful

MBean operation: shutdown



Shut down all nodes
public void shutdown()
  throws InvalidStateException, ManagementException;

Rhino’s implementation of the SLEE-defined shutdown operation terminates every node in the cluster.

Rhino extension

Shut down specific nodes
public void shutdown(int[] nodeIDs)
  throws NullPointerException, InvalidArgumentException,
    InvalidStateException, ManagementException;

Rhino provides an extension that adds an argument which lets you control which nodes to shut down (by specifying node IDs).

Warning Event-router nodes can only be shut down when STOPPED — if any in the set of nodes that a shutdown operation targets is not in the STOPPED state, the shutdown operation will fail (and no nodes will shut down). Quorum nodes can be shut down at any time.
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Rhino Version 2.6.2