During normal operation, Rhino removes SBB entities when they are no longer needed to process events on the activities they are attached to — usually when all those activities have ended.

Sometimes, however, the normal SBB lifecycle is interrupted and obsolete entities remain. For example:

  • An SBB might be attached to an activity that didn’t end correctly, due to a problem in the resource adaptor entity that created it.

  • The sbbRemove method might throw an exception.

Unexpected problems such as these, with deployed resource adaptors or services, may cause resource leaks. Rhino provides an administration interface, the Node Housekeeping MBean, which lets you find and remove stale or problematic:

  • activities

  • SBB entities

  • activity context name bindings

  • timers.

The following topics include procedures for:

Tip See also How-to Use Rhino Housekeeping on the OpenCloud Developer Portal.
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Rhino Version 2.6.2