To enable or disable usage notifications, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

The notifications-enabled flag

To enable notifications to output usage parameters to management clients, set the usage notifications-enabled flag, and an appropriate debug level for the SLEE component’s relevant tracer. To disable notifications, unset the notifications-enabled flag.

Console command: setusagenotificationsenabled


setusagenotificationsenabled <type> <notif-source> [upi-type] <param-name>
    Set the usage notifications-enabled flag for specified usage notification
    source's usage parameter.  The usage parameters interface type is optional and
    if not specified the root usage parameters interface type is used


$ ./rhino-console setusagenotificationsenabled sbb \
    "service=ServiceID[name=VPN Service,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2],sbb=SbbID[name=VPN SBB,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2]" \
    callAttempts true
Usage notifications for usage parameter callAttempts for
SbbNotification[service=ServiceID[name=VPN Service,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2],sbb=SbbID[name=VPN SBB,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2]]
have been enabled

MBean operation: set<usage-parameter-name>NotificationsEnabled



public void set<usage-parameter-name>NotificationsEnabled(boolean enabled)
    throws ManagementException;


  • enabled — a flag to enable or disable notifications for this usage parameter.


Enabling usage notification

Usage notifications are enabled or disabled on a per-usage-parameter basis for each notification source. That means that if usage notifications are enabled for a particular usage parameter, if that usage parameter is updated in any usage parameter set belonging to the notification source, a usage notification will be generated by the SLEE.

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Rhino Version 2.6.2