To remove per-node activation state, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: removepernodeactivationstate


removepernodeactivationstate <from-node-id>
    Remove per-node activation state from a node


To remove per-node activation state from node 103:

$ ./rhino-console removepernodeactivationstate 103
Per-node activation state removed from 103
Warning The specified node cannot be a current cluster member (unless the node is a quorum node, as quorum nodes do not make use of per-node activation state).

MBean operation: removePerNodeActivationState


Rhino operation

public boolean removePerNodeActivationState()
    throws UnsupportedOperationException, InvalidStateException,

This operation:

  • removes the per-node activation state recorded in the database for node for which this Node Housekeeping MBean was created (see Finding Housekeeping MBeans) to the given target node

  • returns the value true if it found and removed per-node activation state, or false if it found no per-node activation state to remove.

Note The command with the Production version of Rhino also includes an option (-d) to remove per-node activation state from the booting node as it initialises. (See Start Rhino in the Getting Started Guide.)
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Rhino Version 2.6.2