A namespace is an independent deployment environment that is isolated from other namespaces.

A namespace has:

  • its own SLEE operational state

  • its own set of deployable units

  • its own set of instantiated profile tables, profiles, and resource adaptor entities

  • its own set of component configuration state

  • its own set of activation states for services and resource adaptor entities.

All of these things can be managed within an individual namespace without affecting the state of any other namespace.

Tip A namespace can be likened to a SLEE in itself, where Rhino with multiple namespaces is a container of SLEEs.

A Rhino cluster always has a default namespace that cannot be deleted. Any number of user-defined namespaces may also be created, managed, and subsequently deleted when no longer needed.

Management clients by default interact with the default namespace unless they explicitly request to interact with a different namespace.

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Rhino Version 2.6.2