To safely remove the Log Notification Appender, use the following rhino-console commands.

What is the Log Notification Appender?

Introduced in Rhino 2.2, the Log Notification Appender is a log appender that generates SNMP notifications from log messages at or above a specified threshold (by default: WARN).



removeappenderref <logKey> <appenderName>
    Removes an appender for a log key.
  Required Arguments
    logKey  The log key of the logger.
    appenderName  The name of the Appender.


[Rhino@localhost (#40)] removeappenderref root LogNotification
Specific log keys and levels

If you only want notifications from specific log keys, after removing the root appender reference, add one for that specific log key.

For a different notification-generation log level (such as ERROR or FATAL), use the setAppenderThreshold console command on the LogNotification log appender.

However, we strongly recommend keeping the Log Notification Appender configured at WARN level or above.

OpenCloud does not support Log Notification Appender configurations that cause excessive notification generation (such as INFO or DEBUG level).

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Rhino Version 2.6.2