To retrieve detailed information for every node in the cluster (including quorum nodes), use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: getclusterstate


    Display the current state of the Rhino Cluster


For every node in the cluster, retrieves detailed information on the:

  • node ID

  • type (event-router or quorum)

  • host name of the machine the node is running on

  • time the node was started, and how long it has been alive

  • operational state

  • number of alarms currently raised on the node.


$ ./rhino-console getclusterstate
node-id   active-alarms   host               node-type      slee-state   start-time          up-time
--------  --------------  -----------------  -------------  -----------  ------------------  -----------------
     101               0   event-router      Stopped   20080327 12:16:26    0days,2h,40m,3s
     102               0   event-router      Running   20080327 12:16:30   0days,2h,39m,59s
     103               0         quorum          n/a   20080327 14:36:25    0days,0h,20m,4s

MBean operation: getClusterState


Rhino extension

public TabularData getClusterState()
throws ManagementException;

(Refer to the javadoc for the structure of the TabularData returned by this operation.)

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Rhino Version 2.6.2