SAS requires at least one resource bundle file containing definitions of all events that will be sent to the server. These definitions show SAS how to display and interpret data sent to the server.

Rhino verifies that a SAS enabled deployable unit includes a resource bundle containing definitions for all events it uses. These per DU resource bundles are called mini-bundles.

Rhino provides console commands to export a resource bundle suitable for use by SAS, containing mini-bundles from all installed deployable units.

Console command: exportsasbundle


exportsasbundle <bundleFileName>
    Export SAS bundle.
  Required Arguments
    bundleFileName  The bundle file name.


[Rhino@localhost (#1)] exportsasbundle my-bundle.yaml
Wrote combined bundle to: ~/my-bundle.yaml
Exported bundle
  identifier: my-rhino
  minimum_sas_version: '9.1'
  version: '1522714397579'
    summary: Test Event
    level: 100
enums: {

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Rhino Version 3.1