To find timers in the SLEE, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operations.

Console command: findtimers


findtimers [-maxpernode maxrows] [-node nodeid] [-created-after
date|time|offset] [-created-before date|time|offset]
    Find timers


Option Abbreviation Description
 -maxpernode <maxrows>

Retrieve at most this many timers from each event-router node (default is 100). Can be used to limit Rhino’s load when processing the request.

 -node <node-id>

Only display timers owned by the given node.

 -ra <ra-entity>

Only display timers set on activities belonging to the named resource adaptor entity.

 -created-after <time>

Only display timers created after the given time.

 -created-before <time>

Only display timers created before the given time.

Times for the above options may be entered in either absolute or relative format:

Type Format Description Examples


 [[yyyy/]MM/dd] [HH:mm[:ss]]

yyyy = the year
MM = the month (1-12)
dd = the date of the month (1-31)
HH = the hour (0-23)
mm = the minute (0-59)
ss = the second (0-59)

2008/04/15 10:57:35



nn = a number
d = days
h = hours
m = minutes
s = seconds

Note Rhino assumes relative time format is in the past. For example, 1h30m means 1 hour and 30 minutes ago.


To display all timers in the SLEE:
$ ./rhino-console findtimers
pkey                          activity-pkey             namespace   period                preserve-missed   remote-timer-pkey         repetitions   replicated   submission-time
----------------------------  ------------------------  ----------  --------------------  ----------------  ------------------------  ------------  -----------  ------------------
3.103:244326037547631.0.420    3.103:244326037547631.0               9223372036854775807              Last   102/102:244326037604633             1        false   20191218 23:29:40
3.103:244326037547664.0.43c    3.103:244326037547664.0                            290000              Last   102/102:244326037604669           307        false   20191218 23:29:40
3.103:244326037547664.0.43d    3.103:244326037547664.0               9223372036854775807              Last   102/102:244326037604668             1        false   20191218 23:29:40
3.103:244326037547664.0.43e    3.103:244326037547664.0               9223372036854775807              Last   102/102:244326037604667             1        false   20191218 23:29:40
3.103:244326037547668.0.443    3.103:244326037547668.0                            290000              Last   101/101:244326026950453           307        false   20191218 23:29:40
3.103:244326037547668.0.444    3.103:244326037547668.0               9223372036854775807              Last   101/101:244326026950454             1        false   20191218 23:29:40
3.103:244326037547668.0.445    3.103:244326037547668.0               9223372036854775807              Last   102/102:244326037604673             1        false   20191218 23:29:40
7 rows

MBean operation: getTimers


Rhino operations

Get summary information for all timers
public TabularData getTimers(int maxPerNode)
    throws ManagementException;

This operation returns tabular data summarising all timers.

Get summary information for timers set on activities belonging to a resource adaptor entity using time-based criteria
public TabularData getTimers(int maxPerNode, String raEntity, long createdAfter, long createdBefore)
    throws ManagementException;

This operation returns tabular data summarising the timers set on activities belonging to the given resource adaptor entity using the time-based criteria specified (in milliseconds, as used by java.util.Date, or the value 0 to ignore a particular time-based parameter).


Results depend on the Housekeeping MBean that invokes the operation:

  • Cluster Housekeeping MBean — returns results from all event-router nodes in the primary component

  • Node Housekeeping MBean — returns results from that node only.

Note For a description of the format of the tabular data that these operations return, see the javadoc.
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Rhino Version 3.1