SAS tracing can be enabled and disabled using the setsasenabled command. The Rhino SAS facility must be configured with both a resource identifier and server list before being enabled. SAS tracing state is namespace-aware: this command applies to the current namespace for the client (selected with setactivenamespace).

Disabling SAS tracing on a running SLEE requires use of the -force option in order to shut down SAS tracing. When the SLEE is running, there may be activities actively tracing to SAS. Live reconfiguration of the SAS facility will result in breaking all trails started before the reconfiguration. If this is acceptable, then the -force parameter will allow a clean shutdown of SAS tracing for reconfiguration.

Console command: setsasenabled


setsasenabled <enable> [-force <force>]
    Enable or disable SAS tracing. Configure SAS before enabling.
  Required Arguments
    enable  True to enable SAS tracing, false to disable.
    -force  True to override the SLEE state check when disabling SAS tracing state.
    SAS tracing state cannot normally be disabled when the SLEE is not in the
    Stopped state, because this may cause incomplete trails to be created in SAS for
    sessions that are in progress.


To enable SAS tracing:

$ ./rhino-console setsasenabled true
SAS tracing enabled
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Rhino Version 3.1