This section provides an overview of tools included with Rhino for system administrators to manage the Rhino SLEE.


Tools for general operation, administration and maintenance

Using the command-line console, Rhino Element Manager, Apache Ant scripting and the Rhino Remote API.

Java Management Extension plugins

JMX M-lets including the JMX remote adaptor.

Tools for monitoring and system reporting

rhino-stats, generate-system-report and dumpthreads.


init-management-db, generate-client-configuration, rhino-passwd and cascade-uninstall.

Export-related tools

rhino-export, rhino-import, rhino-snapshot, snapshot-decode and snapshot-to-export.

Tip Also review the memory considerations when using the management tools, especially when running the rhino cluster and management tools on the same host.
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Rhino Version 3.1