What is the Unique ID RA?

The Unique ID RA generates and returns guaranteed cluster-wide unique identifiers. New identifiers can be requested up to a limit of 512 per millisecond at a steady rate.

Note The identifiers are only guaranteed to be unique for a single Unique ID RA entity

Usage within Sentinel

The Sentinel SS7 Service uses the Unique ID RA to generate unique call reference numbers for non-SS7 triggered calls. All Sentinel services make a Unique ID RA provider available for injection into features, including custom features developed by third-party integrators using the Sentinel SDK. Sentinel Charge users can also make use of the Unique ID RA in their services.

Configuring the Unique ID RA entity

The Unique ID RA requires no configuration of any kind as it retrieves all the resources necessary for operation from Rhino. A Unique ID RA entity is ready for operation as soon as it is activated. The name of the standard RA entity used by Sentinel is uid.

Type and format of the IDs

The unique identifiers are of type java.lang.Long, utilising all 64 bits to maximize the range of unique identifiers possible.

Using the Unique ID RA

A feature or service uses the Unique ID RA by invoking the long generateUniqueID() method of the UniqueIDProvider interface. This method will block if the identifiers are requested continuously at a rate higher than 512 per millisecond.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1