The Sentinel REM extension provides a very basic XCAP API. More extensive XCAP server functionality is available in the Sentinel VoLTE product, but custom XCAP server functionality can be added fairly easily with the Sentinel SDK.


Using Rhino Element Manager

To use the Sentinel XCAP API, you will (at minimum) need to configure a Rhino instance using the Rhino Element Manager (REM). For general information on using REM, please see the Rhino Element Manager User Guide.

Below are details on:

Managing XCAP host mappings

XCAP host mappings control which Rhino instance, REM user account are used when handling an XCAP request.

For managing XCAP host mappings using the provisioning web interface, see Managing XCAP host mappings.

Accessing the XCAP API

To access the XCAP API:


Ensure the Sentinel REM extension is installed in REM.


Start REM.


The base XCAP URI is http://localhost:8080/rem/sentinel/xcap (replace localhost with some other hostname if REM is not being run locally).

The only resource available in the XCAP server provided with Sentinel is the mandatory xcap-caps index at http://localhost:8080/rem/sentinel/xcap/xcap-caps/index.

Note Access is not restricted as it is assumed XCAP requests have passed through a separate XCAP authentication proxy (AP) first.

Requests are filtered though, so only requests using a hostname that matches a valid XCAP host mapping configuration in REM will be accepted.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1