Warning This feature is a placeholder. The integrator will need to provide a feature which determines service type and sets the SipServiceType (one of Voice/Fax/Data/Video) session state field correctly in the context of the target network.

Feature name


Applicable contexts

SIP service

SAS Support


Prerequisite Features


The Determine Service Type feature is a pre credit check feature early in the feature list (but always after the emergency number feature). The feature classifies the call’s service Type, which is stored in a session state variable for future features.

Service type

The call’s service type is classified as one of:

  • Voice

  • Video

  • Data

  • Fax.

A ServiceType enum is defined to represent the values, and the service type is stored in session state variable ServiceType.

The service type is determined based on the following pseudo code:

Feature responses

Response Reason


Configuration Profile Naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


Address list configuration



Feature specific Address List entry table


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Sentinel Express Version 4.1