CGIN resource adaptor entities

Note Refer to the CGIN documentation for more information about the CGIN resource adaptor.

There are two CGIN resource adaptor entities in Sentinel:

  • cginra — for CAP dialogs

  • cginmapra — for MAP dialogs.

CAP CGIN RA entity (cginra)

The cginra RA entity is used for initiating and third party CAP dialogs.

MAP CGIN RA entity (cginmapra)

The cginmapra is used by features to initiate MAP dialogs.

Configuring the local-sccp-address

Inter-operator MAP requests require an SSN of 147. The local-sccp-address of the cginmapra RA entity must be configured with sccp address including SSN=147.

Configuring the default-activity-timeout

By default the default-activity-timeout is set to 1800000 (30 minutes) by default. This is too long for the MAP features in Sentinel. It is recommended to set it to a shorter value in the cginmapra RA entity.

Set default-activity-timeout high enough so that the MAP invoke timeouts will be first, taking into account the granularity of signalware/telesys timers, but low enough that hung dialogs do not accumulate, which will cause the RA entity to run out of dialog identifiers while waiting for activity timeout to terminate the hung dialogs.

For instance, if Sentinel MAP features have a maximum invoke timeout of 5 seconds then 10 seconds (10000) would be sufficient for the default-activity-timeout.

Customising the CGIN RA entities used by Sentinel

It may be necessary to configure multiple RA entities to address specific operator network configuration requirements. Additional CGIN RA entities may be used in Sentinel for this purpose. Sentinel has the following link binding by default:

Link name Default Bound RA entity













A custom CGIN RA entity may be used by creating, configuring and binding the new RA entity.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1