Configuration name

Activity Test

Applicable contexts

SS7 service, SIP service

The Activity Test configuration determines when Sentinel will test for the continued liveness of a session that has had a period of inactivity.

Whilst a session is being monitored, Sentinel runs a timer where the duration is based on the Activity Test configuration. The timer is stopped each time Sentinel receives incoming traffic on the session. If the session is still active once the message has been processed, then the timer is restarted again. If the timer expires, Sentinel tests the activity/liveness/validity of the session using an appropriate protocol specific method. If this test fails, the session is terminated.


The Activity Test configuration includes:

Parameters Value Description



Either ‘chargingPeriodMultiple’ or ‘fixedDuration’.



If the Timer Mode Type is set to ‘chargingPeriodMultiple’ and the call is chargeable, this value specifies a multiple of the charging period duration to use as the timer duration.



If the Timer Mode Type is set to ‘fixedDuration’, or the call is not chargeable, this value specifies a fixed timer duration in seconds.



Specifying the period of time to wait, in milliseconds, for a successful response to an Activity Test. If a successful response is not received within this time period, the Activity Test is regarded as failed.



Specifying the basis for an additional random period that will be added to the calculated duration. The concrete period added will be in the range of [0..RandomPeriod]

Configuration Profile Naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


Service configuration

SentinelSelectionKey (for example, OpenCloud::::)

Provisioning interfaces

The configuration can be provisioned using the web interface.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1