A promotion bucket is a counter of units available to a given subscriber.

Each bucket must have a unique name and can be configured within Sentinel to be of one of the following access types:

  • External database

  • Cassandra

  • SLEE profiles

  • Sentinel session state

  • Unlimited.

Each promotion must state the name of the bucket to which units shall be charged if the promotion applies.

Multiple promotions can charge to the same bucket.

If the bucket is configured for ‘external database’ access, the promotion bucket units are held in an external database.

Promotion units

Promotion units are generic and can be used to represent any unit type.

There is a one-to-one ratio between the value of a promotion unit and the value of the charging unit being deducted by a promotion. For example, if a promotion matches a request for 1024 Octets, then 1024 promotion units will be deducted.

Therefore, it is generally not sensible to match two different unit types in the same promotion, unless they have a one-to-one value.

Provisioning interfaces

Promotion bucket configuration and data are provisioned using the web interface.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1